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The Foliage twins were excited – it was their birthday, and they were going to have a party with a big cake for each of them! Being teenagers meant big changes – new clothes, later curfews, shorter schooldays, and new hobbies to explore! Zoysia and Violet were eager to blow out their candles and face the future.

Violet blew out her candles, and then it was Zoysia’s turn. But somehow, this wasn’t the future they had in mind.

Fortunately, their Dad was prepared and put out the birthday inferno with the fire extinguisher. Ever since his father Cedrick the firefighter became a part of the Foliage family, there had been fire extinguishers in every room of the house. Lately, they were coming in handy.

The guests managed to have a pretty good time after the panic died down, and Zoysia and Violet enjoyed the rest of their weekend shopping, experimenting with new hairstyles, and taking a gardening class. Zoysia desperately hoped that her fear of the outdoors didn’t show; she knew how important gardening and the land in general were to her father and the whole family. She didn’t want to disappoint them, but she was always relieved when she could walk back inside. Violet, on the other hand, skipped to her own beat whether inside or outside. She was developing a unique sense of style and self.

Unbelievably, their father’s big number-that-shall-not-be-named birthday came not long after Zoysia and Violet entered their teen years. They were impressed that their mother could still rock out – the guests all jammed to her tunes at the party.

Even Reed, the consummate musician, couldn’t have done better. Maebe had worked hard and perfected her skills for his birthday party. As for Reed, he didn’t look much worse for the years. He told everybody the love of a good woman kept him young.

Reed decided not to retire yet, because he enjoyed his career so much, and he was able to work shorter hours and spend more time with his family. His girls were making the most of opportunities to do special projects for school, and he was very proud. Every time they tried out a new skill, his heart thrilled to see them excel or skipped a beat when they discovered it might not be their best area.

Camellia had been watching her slightly older cousins make the most of their new privileges with anticipation of her teen birthday. After what seemed like forever, it came, with a party all her own. Her dad was even there for her party!

She wanted to let everyone know that she was very mature and capable, so she chose a shorter, straight cut and sensible clothes. She even toned down her favorite color a little. A tiny bit, anyway.

She was still enough of an excited little girl inside to dream of her party that night.

Reed was proud of his young niece, but his thoughts continued to be filled with questions about which of his daughter he would pick to be heiress and carry on the Foliage family legacy.

Zoysia was very intelligent and excelled in all her classes at school. She always got up eagerly in the morning and never complained about going to class.

However, he had noticed that Zoysia didn’t seem to enjoy the sun on her shoulders and the breeze in her hair. That worried him. But he had also noticed some aspects of Violet’s personality that concerned him. Sometimes, when he caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye, she had the strangest expressions on her face. He did have to admit, though, that he admired her total unconcern for what people thought about her. She was definitely her own person with unusual fashion and conversation choices.

Reed had a lot on his mind, but right then, he saw his beloved coming.

Big decisions could wait another day…


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